How to start


Following are the recommended steps for using the services.

First brows the list of projects in your level and your favorite category. When you see a topic that you may like, click on the link to see the introductory information about that project.

If the introductory information page that you like to see is not updated, click on the email or help to send a message to your project advisor, so he/ she will update it for you.

Introductory information can often help you to select your project, however you can also select up to projects to view the details.

If the detail information page of the project that you select is not viewable, is not updated or contains only general information, your project advisor will be notified automatically, so he/ she can update your project page with detail information. This will normally take about 2 weeks. 

From projects that you select to view the details, you can select as your main project. If you need any help or have any question about your main project, submit your question directly to your project advisor by clicking on help from the same project page. Your project advisor will then prepare the answer and email it to you or post it on the same project page.

For some projects, both questions and answers will appear in the Q and A section of that project.

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