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Membership for Schools:

With School Membership all the computers in your school network* gain unlimited access to all project guides in one or more grade range of your choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. View hundreds of project guides in different categories and choose the ones that matches your lesson plans. Have the convenience of gaining access with one click (no user id and password will be required for the students. Our system will automatically identify your network and logs you in.) for Groups:

If you’re a school teacher or principal who wants to help students create science projects, we admire and respect your efforts. You already know that science is reshaping the world: tomorrow’s citizens need a solid understanding of how science works. You know the children in your community can benefit enormously from the opportunity to do science hands-on. You know tomorrow’s Nobel Prize winners may live in your community... if only you can help them get started. But you also know how difficult it can be to find the information and advice you need to fulfill your mission.

That’s where comes in. Our special School Membership options make it possible for all your students and teachers to take advantage of’s immense resources, including nearly 1000 project guides.

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* Test and qualify your school Network:

Before applying for a School Membership you must test your network and make sure it is qualified for the School Membership. Go to the home page of Science and see your IP address (or Network Address).

Record your IP address and then repeat the same in all other computers.  
Your IP Address is:

If all the computers show the same IP address, then they are in the same local network and they will all be able to access your school membership account. If the numbers are different from one computer to the other, then your computers are not in the same network and cannot benefit the School Membership.


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