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Membership options for Parents:

Parents can become a member in order to help their very young, home schooled or disabled children. If this is not your purpose, please try to create an account for your child. In this way your child will build up a research portfolio and can use his or her account for many years to come. is a help:

If you’re a parent of a young child -- or a child with special needs who can benefit from additional help on his or her science project -- you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how can help you:

We’ll help you choose a project that’s just right for your child

With a library of nearly 1,000 projects for students at every level, we have one that’s right for you and your child: one that your child will understand, enjoy, and be able to complete successfully!

Not a science expert? We’ll make you look like one!

When you choose a project as a member, you get a project guide with detailed, start-to-finish, easy-to-understand instructions designed for students, parents, and teachers... not scientists! Our instructions cover every step of creating your project: planning, preparation, running your experiment, compiling and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and creating a truly great presentation. Plus, also contains an extensive free library of advice on preparing any science project!

We know you’re busy: we’ll save you time!

Without expert guidance, it’s easy to make mistakes that waste your time, and frustrate both you and your child. Our instructions are carefully designed to help you avoid those mistakes!

Stuck? Get extra help from an expert! members can get personal help with specific questions and problems about the projects they’ve chosen. Just send a specific message through’s private messaging system, and you’ll get a detailed, specific response from a Project Advisor who’s an expert on your specific project!

To submit a question or request further information, you can click on the Ask a new question button while you are in your project guide page. This will allow you to send a message to your project advisor.

It usually takes one to three days for a project advisor to view and respond to your question. (Repeated and irrelevant questions will not be answered.)

You can later visit your project guide page again and click on View Answers to see the answers to your questions.

Project advisors who answer your questions are knowledgeable teachers or other professionals with industry and business experience who introduce and identify the real life applications of each science project. This makes a science project more interesting and educational.

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