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Teachers can join to obtain project guides for group projects and classroom projects. Additional resources or support are available to teachers in order to help them educate students more effectively. for Teachers:

If you’re a teacher who’s responsible for helping students with their science projects, you’ve got a challenging job. You want to guide your students to success. And you also want to instill in them a real understanding, respect, even a passion for science. But you’re busier than ever... and your science fair responsibilities come on top of everything else you need to do. is the resource you’ve been searching for.

We’ll help you help your students choose just the right projects

We have a library of nearly 1,000 projects. We have projects for students at every grade level, and for a wide range of scientific and engineering topics, from physics and chemistry to biology and geology... even healthcare, engineering, and computer science! At, your students can definitely find projects they’re interested in. And when they’re interested, they’ll have more fun, and they’ll learn more, too!

We’ll guide you and your students every step of the way

You know from experience: it’s all too easy for students to make mistakes that lead them astray, and make it harder for them to finish successfully on deadline. That’s where comes in. Our detailed, tested instructions cover every step of creating each specific science project: planning, preparing and running experiments, compiling and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and creating presentations. Plus, With your standard teacher’s membership, you’re entitled to view start-to-finish instructions on up to ten projects -- and if you need more, upgrading your membership is easy and cost-effective. also contains an extensive free library of advice on preparing any science project!

We’ll help you teach what matters most: the scientific method

The whole point of doing a science project is to learn how science works! That’s why all our projects are carefully designed by professional scientists and engineers to teach the scientific method. Students will gain insights they can use in all their science courses, in evaluating science they read or hear about, and perhaps even someday as working scientists.

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