Expanded membership In the past all memberships ended on July 1st. Now, your membership will be for one full year starting the date of your application. So if you are becoming a member in the middle of one school year, your membership will continue to the following school year. 
Group Membership Group membership option is now available for schools, groups, and organizations. Group membership offers a great saving to all group members. Now schools can purchase group memberships for all  students or just for those who need science project information and support. 

Group members will have the same access type and receive the same benefits. For more information on group memberships click here. 

New electricity kit MiniScience.com has recently added a new electricity kit to their products. This kit includes bulbs, sockets, battery holders and other material that students need in order to build an electric circuit. For more details visit www.MiniScience.com.
Multi-level Chemistry Science Kit A new Chemistry Science Project is developed by our team that can be used for many different levels. This project starts from a simple chemical change and can lead to calculation of atomic number of Magnesium.
Since it involves a highly flammable metal, it needs safety precautions and adult supervision. For more details of this project, visit the Chemistry section of Intermediate or Senior Projects.