Steps to Prepare a Science Fair Project

1. Select a Topic
See the list of projects and read  What Makes a Good Project?. Remember a Science Fair Project is a test you do to find an answer to a question, not just showing what you know about something.

2. Gather Background Information
Gather information about your topic from books, magazines, the Internet, people and companies.
Keep notes about where you got your info

3. Scientific Method
State the Purpose of your experiment - What are you trying to find out?
Select a variable (something you will change/vary) that will help you find your answer.
State your Hypothesis - your guess about what the answer will be.
Decide on and describe how you will change the thing you selected.
Decide on and describe how you will measure your results.

4. Run Controlled Experiment and Record Data
Do the experiment as described above.
Keep notes in one place. Write down everything you can think of, you might need it later.

5. Graphs and Charts
What happened? Answer that question, then put the results in graphs and charts.

6. Construct an Exhibit or Display
It has to be neat, but it does NOT have to be typed.
Make it fun, but be sure people can understand what you did.
Show that you used the Scientific Method.

7. Write a short Report
Tell the story of your project - tell what you did and exactly how you did it.
Include a page that shows where you gathered background information. It can be 2 pages or even more. Paper Guidelines to help you out.

8. Practice Presentation to Judges
Practice explaining your project to someone (parent, friend, grandparent, etc.) This will help you be calm on Science Fair Day. The judges are very nice and will be interested in what you did and what you learned.

9. Come to the Fair and have fun! See you there!

This page written by Yvonne Karsten - Parent and Science Fair Coordinator at Kennedy Elementary School 1994-1996.

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