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Easy Projects
Buoyancy, Egg Floatation

Egg Floatation Project



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Free Projects 4 Success ***

The best things in life are free. That is also true with some of the best science projects that have proven success in many years. These project guides contain all you need to know in order to successfully complete your project.

Electricity and Conductivity

1. Simple Electric Circuit

2. Complex Electric Circuits

3. Which battery lasts longer? [Exp]

4. Can Electricity Produce Heat?

5. Electrical conductors and insulators

6. Electromagnets, Factors affecting strength [Exp]

7. Make Electricity from Saltwater [Exp]

8. Potato Battery [Exp] 

9. Electric Generators (Effect of turning speed on voltage)

10. Electric Generators (Effect of Coil Size on Voltage)


Biology/ Life Science

21. Bacteria Growth

22. DNA Model

Environmental Science

31. Make Electricity from Fruits [Exp]

32. Solar Energy (Basic)

33. Solar Car

Magnetism and Electromagnets

41. Reveal and display the magnetic field

42. Magnet Levitation

43. Gauss Rifle (Magnetic Acceleration) [Exp]


51. Heat Conductivity

Physics/ Mechanics (Force, Motion, Pressure)

61. Simple Machines

62. Compound Machines


71. Search for starch in foods

72. Make Electricity from Fruits

Technology and Engineering

81. Electric car

82. Air propulsion car

83. Compound Machines

84. Slime Science (Polymers)

Please note:

The Free Projects or 10 Best Projects is a new section of All members (Paid or Free) have unlimited access to the projects in this page. The project guides in this section have all the details you need to start your project, therfore, no project advisors or online support are available for these projects.

The project guides in this section are not the same as the free projects that have always been available to all members (including free or unpaid members).

A+ Projects
Simple Electric Circuit
Simple Electric Circuit
Potato Battery
Make a potato battery
DNA Model
DNA Model
Wooden Generator
Electric Generator
Fruit Electricity
Fruit Battery
Solar Car Model
Solar Car
Magnetic Train
Magnet Levitation Train
Gauss Rifle, Magnetic Linear Acceleration
Gauss Rifle


If you have selected your science project for this school year, click on the link to access the introduction page of the project. Read the introduction page carefully. If that is the project you really need, click on View Details in order to see the project guide.

[Exp] = Experimental projects also known as investigatory projects.

[Exp*] = Adapted or modified to be an Experimental projects also known as investigatory projects.

(Quick) = Projects that can generally be completed in one to 7 days if you have access to all the necessary material or equipment.

coming soon* = Projects that are being added in future. Members can request expedition of such projects.


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