Make Electricity from Saltwater and Air
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In this project you will make a cell or battery in which the electrolyte is saltwater. This battery is known as Air/Saltwater battery because the presence of oxygen (from air or other sources) also contributes to the production of electricity. You can then perform an experimental project to find out how does the salinity of saltwater affect the production of electricity.
Air Saltwater Battery
Material and instructions:
The main advantage of this project is that all materials are easy available in the form of a kit that can be ordered online. Instructions include the steps of constructing the cell and the steps of performing the experiments. The project guide also includes samples of question/purpose, hypothesis, defining variables and design of data table.
Details of this project:
More details of this project is available in the members section of web site. You can also find some instructions at All members will have access to this project guide and it will not count towards their project credits.