Solar Car
How does the angle of sun rays affect the speed of a model solar car?

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The federal government has encouraged alternative forms of transportation due to a limited supply of oil and increasing environmental pollution. Solar cars are just one of many transportation concepts emerging. Solar cars use solar cell panels instead of gasoline as the fuel. As a result, exhaust fumes and oil consumption are eliminated.

Solar Car
Material and instructions:
You can make a solar car and use it for a technology project or science project.

As a technology/ engineering project your model car will be evaluated based on design features and performance.

As a science project, you must use your solar car to study one factor such as the angle of solar panel or the angle of sunlight to see how do they affect the performance (speed) of the car. More advanced students may make larger solar car models with 2 or more solar panels.

Materials that include solar panel, small DC motor and a simple car can be purchased separately or as a kit. This project guide contains the assembly instructions as well as steps of doing a science project using the solar car model you make.

Details of this project:
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