Magnet Levitation
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With advances in production of very strong magnets and electromagnets, now we can use magnets and electromagnets in many new products. Some of such products use the repelling magnets to create floating objects including the magnetic levitating trains. Levitating trains with magnets or electromagnets can greatly reduce the friction, sound and can increase the speed while giving a smooth ride. In some other instruments repelling magnets are used to create a spring like force.
Magnetic Levitation Train
Material and instructions:
In this project you will experiment the repelling force of magnets and you may make a model of a magnetic levitating train in order to demonstrate one of the practical applications of your project. All the main materials you need for your experiments are easily available in a kit from Additional materials that might be needed are usually found at home.
Details of this project:
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Recommended for grades 5 and up: If you have never worked with magnets, we certainly recommend it (even if you are 85 years old).

Success rate: The success rate in making a working electric generator is about 96%. Most failures are caused by ignoring or not reading the instructions. The remaining failures is due to not knowing the basic knowledge of electricity and conductivity. Please do not select this project if you have never made a Simple Electrical Circuit, (or if you think Simple Electric Circuit means Easy Electrical Circuit).