Personal Observations on Life Cycle
The study of life cycles is a vast subject for researchers and scientists. There are millions of subjects with life cycles that you can research. Subjects as small as viruses and bacteria or as large as stars and planets make great subjects of studies. Plants and animals make  good subjects for life cycle observation. Small animals such as insects, frog, fish, Butterfly, mouse and many others can easily be kept at home (in a cage or aquarium) for close observation.
 Project description
This project is a good opportunity for close observation and discovery of some facts about the life cycle of a plant or animal of your choice. If you are studying the life cycle of an insect, you may see eggs, larvae and adult insects and draw a time line for each period of the insects life. Find out what they eat and if they are beneficial to humans or not. Collect some nice samples in a glass jar for your display.
 Details of this project
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