Minerals in foods
Compare foods and fruits for dissolved minerals

Minerals are among the important nutrients that our bodies need. Different fruits and foods contain different types and different amounts of minerals. In this project you will compare different foods or fruits for their mineral contents. 

A question or another title for this project may be: 

"Which fruits contain more dissolved minerals?"

Material and instructions:
You must collect food samples or fruit samples, juice them to extract minerals and then test them for the concentration of minerals. Materials needed for your experiments may be purchased locally or online. You will also need a jewelry scale or laboratory scale to weigh the extracted minerals.
Details of this project:
More information or support on this project is available for the members of ScienceProject.com. The Make Electricity Science Kit of MiniScience.com contain the main tools you need for your experiments.
Food Minerals is an experimental science project suitable as a class project or science fair project.