Effect of Gravity on Seed Germination
Research on different environmental factors that may affect seed germination and plant growth is a step towards understanding the mechanism of plant behavior and it enables us to have more control on our agricultural investment and productivity.
Gravity is one of the factors that needs to be studied and understood.
If you've ever planted seeds in the ground, perhaps you have wondered just how do they know which way to grow. How do the roots know to grow down and how do the stems and leaves know to grow up?
Is it gravity, moisture or light that makes the root grow downward and stem grow upward?
 Project description
Design an experiment to determine what is the effect of gravity on plant growth. Based on your initial studies make a hypothesis and write it down. Do your experiments, record your observations and draw a conclusion. This project needs 3 to 5 weeks to complete. Include the plants that you use for your experiments in your display to make it more interesting.
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