Does Gravity have an affect on plant growth?

When plants grow, the stem and leaves grow upward while the roots grow downward. The direction that a plant grows has nothing to do with the way that you plant a seed. Stems always find their way up and roots always find their way down.

Why is that? How does the plant know which way is up or which way is down? Is it because of soil moisture? Light or gravity?

In this project, you will study the effect of gravity on plant growth. 

If we ever want to live in space stations or other planets, we may also need to produce our food there. We will need to plant vegetables and fruits where there is no gravity or the gravity is not the same as earth. Will we face any problems growing plants because of different or zero gravity?

 Project description
This project will study the effect of gravity on plant growth. You will design and perform an experiment to test the effect of gravity on plant growth.
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