Chemical Change
And Factors that affect the rate of reaction?


Mixing one or more substances is an important step in producing foods, detergents, paints, medicine and many other products. 

For example soda manufacturers mix water, sugar, food coloring, CO2 gas and some flavor in order to produce their soda drinks. Paint manufacturers mix some glue and some pigments (color powder) in order to make paint. In making a model volcano, I mixed vinegar and baking soda. In order to make green color, I mixed yellow and blue colors. Almost in all cases, the result of such mixtures is a new product that does not look like the original ingredients. Are these chemical changes? 

 Project description:
In this project you will investigate to determine which products are the result of a chemical change and which products are the result of a physical change? Experiment one of many different types of chemical change to understand how it happens and what factors affect the rate of reaction. You can simply select a reaction that you can find material and equipment for. Use samples of reactants and products for your display.
 Details of this project
More information or support on this subject is available for the members of Material needed for the experiments may be ordered online or purchased locally in most areas. For this experiment you will also need a high precision scale with sensitivity of one gram or better.