The Effect of Salt on
the boiling Point of water?


Common salt is used in winters for melting ice because it modifies the freezing point of water. Can salt also modify the boiling point of water? One problem with water is that it never gets hotter than 100 Celsius. Any additional heat will only cause more evaporation. Being able to control or modify the boiling point of water may be helpful for any applications requiring heat transfer. 

In this project you will study the effect of table salt on the boiling temperature of water. Report your results in a table and draw a graph to visually display your results.

 Project description:
This project will help you learn about the effects of salt (and possibly some other chemicals) on the boiling point of water. Collect information, run some experiments, record your observations and draw a conclusion. Your display can show some of the practical applications for changing the boiling point.
 Details of this project:
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