Principals of Fluorescent lights
Do some research and run experiments to show how a fluorescent light works and how it compares with incandescent light bulbs.
This is a very exciting project and helps you to learn many cool tricks.
By completing this project, you will learn how to turn on a fluorescent bulb without plugging it to electricity. You will also learn how to make a blinking light bulb.
 Project description
Making Fluorescent lights is an art, craft and technology. Although you are not expected to make a bulb as a part of your project, you will learn things that may help you to do it in future. To complete this project, you will collect some information, perform some experiments, and finally prepare a display and a report of your findings.
 Details of this project
Support or more details on this project are available for the members of The material that you will need for your experiments are available from most electrical supplies and hardware stores.