How Light is Affected Passing through Water? (Refraction)

While walking toward the pool, I noticed that the pool seems deeper as I get closer. I tried that a few times and it seems the bottom of the pool is raising as I walk away. I was wondering why this happens so I decided to do some experiments of my own. I filled up a clear glass cup with water and looked at it from the top and from the sides. It happened again. Just to make sure, I dropped a coin in the cup and I was able to see 2 coins while looking from the sides. 

These observations gave me the idea of using this subject as my science project. I want to know why the bottom of a cup or pool seems to be raising when we look at the water surface from an angle.

What happens to the light when it passes through water? 

 Project description
Design an experiment to show what happens to the light when it passes through water. Show how you can distinguish water from another clear liquid just by a light test.
Discover and explain some of the applications of this science.
 Details of this project
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