Make an Equatorial Sundial


As the earth rotates around its axis, it appears that the sun is moving in the sky. The apparent movements of the sun in the day sky has many affects in our environment. One thing that we have all noticed is the direction and the size of shadows that change from the morning to the afternoon. 

Many scientists have studied the shadows and have tried to use shadows to study the earth movements and perform varieties of calculations. 

One of the outcomes of such studies have been gnomonic or the construction of sundials.

Material and instructions:
In this project you will construct a sundial (sun clock) that can show the time using a shadow line. You will also learn the design factors that are important for the accuracy of your sundial. 

Use your sundial as a part of your project display and test it at any sunny spot.

Materials needed for this project may be found at home or purchased locally. 

Details of this project:
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