Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis (Temperature, light intensity, water, carbon dioxide)

Part of light spectrum used in photosynthesis


Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light into chemical energy. In green plants, light energy is captured by chlorophyll in the chloroplasts of the leaves and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds (simple and complex sugars) that are the basis of both plant and animal life. Photosynthesis consists of a number of photochemical and enzymatic reactions. Any acceleration in the process of photosynthesis will naturally result in the production of more organic compounds and consequently more plant growth. For this reason we want to do a research on factors affecting photosynthesis. 
 Project description
This is a combination of two different science projects both related to photosynthesis. You can select either of these as your project. In the first project you will research the effect of Light, Carbon Dioxide, Water and temperature on the rate of photosynthesis.
(You may not have enough tools to study the effect of all variables in this project, so you may study at least two variables). In the second project you will research the effect of different parts of the light spectrum in photosynthesis. 
 Details of this project
More details or support for this project is available at the members section of web site. Material needed for experiment or a science kit about this title may be available at