Compare the PH levels in mouths of various animals and humans at different times in the day
Do you know why sugar rots your teeth? The truth is that it is not actually the sugar that rots your teeth. It is the plaque and sugar combination that does the dirty deed. Plaque is a collection of bacteria that adheres to your teeth and gets its energy by breaking down the sugars you eat. During sugar breakdown, many products are formed, one of which is lactic acid which decreases the pH in your mouth. In an acidic environment, the hard enamel that protects your teeth dissolves, which leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay and cavities. That is why in this project we will investigate the pH of the mouth in animals and humans at different times of the day.
 Project description
You will need to test the pH of the mouth of different human and animals and record the results. Your results will later be used for analysis and conclusion. 
 Details of this project
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