Catalysts- how they work and why; commercial applicants and problems

Many chemical reactions don't happen unless they are in the presence of a third substance called a catalyst. Although the catalyst does not enter the reaction and does not change itself, it has a key effect in the start and continuation of the actual chemical process. 

Catalysis plays a key part in all our lives and is of vital importance to our present-day standard of living and quality of life because of the many products and energy related activities derived from its application.  Catalysts represent a major material industry. The 1989 U.S. catalyst market was $1.9 billion [$5 billion, worldwide]. In 1999, the catalyst market is approaching $3 billion in sales.


 Project description
In this project we will research to find out how catalysts work and why?

We will also research industrial applications of catalysts and possible problems associated with them.

 Details of this project
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