Musical instruments- the scientific principles behind them
This project is an opportunity for you to explore the scientific principles behind musical instruments.
As a part of this project, you can create your own musical instrument that is one of the more fun and rewarding means of fulfilling the project requirements.
 Project description
After collecting information about different musical instruments and how they work, you focus in one specific instrument and try to make a working model of that instrument. Later, you can demonstrate your creation in class by playing a simple tune or whatever your creation is capable of. A written report must also be done, but it can be short (2-4 pages) describing the design, how your instrument produces sound, and the instrument's frequency range. You might digitally sample a note or two from your instrument and look at the spectrum and see if you can relate it to the physical characteristics of the instrument.
 Details of this project
More details or support for this project is available for the members of web site. Material needed for experiment or a science kit about this title may be available at