Which homemade airplane design flies best?
The airplane was invented in 1903 by Orville & Wilbur Wright. Before the Wright brothers, many others made varieties of wings and kites as an instrument of flight. Of course not all designs were successful. For many years fabric and wood have been the main material used in the construction of kites and airplanes. Regardless of material used in construction of an airplane, certain designs have had more success than others. Such success and failures became the foundation for developing a new branch of physical science, called aerodynamics. 
Model airplanes made from paper or balsa wood follow the same aerodynamic rules as larger airplanes. The purpose of this project is discovering some of the aerodynamic concepts and experimenting some possible airplane designs.
 Project description:
In this project you will make paper or balsa wood airplanes with different designs to see which one flies best.
 Details of this project
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