How strong is a toothpick?

Every year thousands of buildings and bridges around the world collapse because of a flaw in design and some miss calculations.

Every structure such as a bridge and a building is made of materials and to calculate the final strength of that structure, it is very important to estimate precisely the strength of materials being used.

 Project description
"How strong is a tooth pick?" is a physics and engineering project that gives us the opportunity to make a fundamental look at calculating the strength of material. During this project we will explore methods that are being used by thousands of testing and engineering companies around the world.
 Details of this project
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Q. I am doing the project " How Strong Is A Toothpick " and my science teacher told me that has nothing to do with science it is just measuring. So I am asking you what is scientific about this science project. 

A. How do you measure something by itself is a science. Studying the properties of different materials is known as material science.

Materials Science combines metallurgy, physics, chemistry, and engineering to solve real-world problems with real-world materials.

In material science we test the strength of material and come up with information that is used in designing every building, every car and every other manufactured piece or equipment.

The knowledge that tells us what material should be used for each application is coming from material science and projects such as “How strong is a tooth pick”, not from experience. For example if you want to build a parachute and use it to jump from an airplane, you can’t simply test different materials for your parachute to see which one works? Because if you try the one that does not work, that will be your last try. So you use material science to test and measure the strength of different materials and finally come up with a selection and a design.

For more information search the Internet for "Material Science" and "strength of material" or "Material Strength"