Which battery lasts the longest?
How can power be increased?
Today batteries are used in millions of portable electronic equipments such as watches, cameras, calculators, radios, cellular phones, flashlights, computers, remote controls and many more.

Advertisements on T.V. often suggest certain brand batteries last longer. Now I have to find out for myself. And I also need to know if there is a real difference between battery lives of different brands, what is the reason for that?

 Project description:
This project has all the benefits of a simple, small and educational Science Project for Intermediate students.
In this project you are trying to find out what battery lasts the longest. You will also try to determine if the cost of the battery has anything to do with the power it has. While making a basic electric circuit, you will test different batteries for battery life. During this experiment you will learn about electricity and technical differences among different batteries. Your presentation will include an actual test device that you have made.
Also learn about the structure of a battery and how it produces electricity. Compare samples of batteries available in the market. Measure the amount of time that it takes for these batteries to discharge with an equal load. This project can be worked on by elementary, intermediate and senior students. At elementary and intermediate level you just measure how long the battery lasts. In senior level you will also measure the amount of energy produced by each battery.
 Details of this project
More details or support for this project is available at the members section of ScienceProject.com web site. Material needed for experiment or a science kit known as battery test kit is available at MiniScience.com.