Buzzers and bells and alarms
An electric bell is among the most common electrical equipments found in every house or office. It is used as a door bell, phone ring, fire alarm and can be found in many different shapes and sizes. An electric bell is a simple example of how we can use electromagnets to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy and sound waves. The same mechanism used to vibrate a hammer in an electric bell, is used in many other industrial and household equipments. Two well known examples are Electric Shavers and Shearing machines.

 These two both work like a buzzer, but instead of an iron arm, a blade will be vibrated. In this project you will make a bell or a buzzer to demonstrate the vibrating motion produced using an electromagnet. You will also study factors affecting the strength of your electromagnet.

 Project description:
In this project you will use iron nails and wires to make a few electromagnets and test their strengths. You will also make a working model of a buzzer or an electric bell using the material that can be found at home or obtained locally.
 Details of this project
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