Internal Combustion engines
Internal combustion engines are used in every automobile and are the driving force for many electric generators and other industrial and household machines. Many studies have been done in the past and many are still in progress today by scientists, manufacturers and students about internal combustion engines. Most of these studies focus on increasing the efficiency and reducing the pollution caused by internal combustion engines. Today internal combustion engines have an efficiency rate of about 30%.

In other words 70% of the fuel energy is being wasted mostly in the form of heat and only about 30% is converted to mechanical energy. Also the large amount of carbon dioxide produced by such engines is contributing to air pollution and global warming. 

 Project description:
This project is an opportunity to learn about the structure and design of an internal combustion engine. This is a display project and you will not have to define variables or come up with a hypothesis. You may make models and do drawings to explain the actions and parts of an engine. In the project detail section we have also included some advice for students who want to have a specific question for their project and need to define variables, have a hypothesis and perform an experiment.
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