Comparing active & passive solar energy systems in cost and efficiency.
Increase in the air pollution caused by fossil fuels such as natural oil and gas is just one of the factors that has encouraged people to look for other sources of energy especially solar energy. Global warming and increase in the oil price in the recent years have accelerated such efforts and now many people in many countries are actually using solar energy to substitute parts of their energy needs. Solar energy systems are classified in two main types. One type is known as passive solar energy system and the other type is known as active solar energy system.

In this project you will compare active and passive solar energy systems in cost and efficiency.

 Project description:
This section guides you through learning about active and passive solar systems, you will then construct two model homes, one using passive solar energy and the other using active solar energy. You will finally compare the efficiency of the two systems and present your results in the form of a table and a graph.

As an extension to this project, you may also make a solar cooker.

 Details of this project:
More details or support on this project is available for the members of Material needed for experiment may be found at home or purchased locally. Please make sure you have enough time and craft skills to construct your model homes. This project is not suggested for students below 8th grade. If you just need to do a simple science project related to the solar energy, you may want to consider one of the solar energy kits offered by or