How is paint affected by temperature changes?
You may have noticed blisters on painted surfaces that are very close to an electric or gas heater. Blisters are not the only affect of heat on paint! Some paints will become extra dry and crack or peal off when exposed to the heat. Paint applied to certain products and certain areas need to have a higher resistance to heat. Chemists often need to test the resistance of different paints to high temperatures in order to determine the usability of certain paints for certain applications.
 Project description
In this project you will study the effect of heat on one type of paint of your choice. Design experiments to test how the physical properties of the paint are affected by heat. Physical properties such as color, texture, adherence and odor may be tested. Finally report your results in a the form of a table or graph.
 Details of this project
More details or support on this project is available for the members of Material needed for experiment may be found at home, obtained locally or purchased online.