Make Sundial
From sunrise to sunset, shadows of buildings, trees and other objects move slowly, but continuously. In the northern hemisphere, shadows cast west in the morning, north at noon time and east in the late afternoon. Knowing the direction of shadows is very helpful for telling the time and the directions. To tell the time using the shadows we use sundials or sun clocks. Sundials have been used for centuries to tell the time. 
 Material and step by step instructions:
Make your own sundial using wood, cardboard or other materials of your choice. Experiment to find out what factors affect the accuracy of sundials. In this project you will learn about sun time and standard time. You may also compare the sun time with standard time in your time zone. This project is good for students age 8 and up. If you have never done a sundial project, this is a good place to start. Younger students may try this project with its simple experiments. Higher grades may take over the more complex and challenging experiments suggested in the project guide. This is a project that you may decide to repeat for many years and each time at a different level.  
Details of this project:
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