Starch test

We have heard about food starch, laundry starch, starch glue and it seems that starch has many industrial applications. We also know that many foods and fruits contain a large amount of starch that is usually a concern for those who care about their diet. This concern is caused by the break down of starch molecules into sugar molecules in our body. But, what is starch exactly and how can we identify it?

 Material and  instructions:
Find out which foods and vegetables contain starch. Test paper, glue and other materials around you for presence of starch. Use the starch test technique to identify counterfeit money. 
Details of this project:
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Starch Test Science Kit by includes the necessary material and step by step instructions for testing for starch presence. You will need to purchase or gather test subjects such as potato, rice, beans separately. You may click here to purchase the Starch Test Science Kit from