What is the Effect of Light on a Plants Growth?
Plants are the main source of food and nutrients for humans and animals. Many plants are grown as food products. We use the fruits, leaves, seeds or roots of such plants as foods. Some other plants are decorative plants and are grown for their colorful and beautiful leaves and flowers. Can you think of other reasons that plants may be grown? How about medical use, exotic fragrance or insect repelling properties?

No mater why you grow plants, you want them to grow as fast as possible. If you are in business of growing plants, faster plant growth results a higher income for you. In order to be able to speed up plant growth, you need to know how different factors may affect plant growth. Light is one of such factors that can be studied. In this project you will study to find out "What is the effect of light on plant growth?". 

 Material and step by step instructions:
In this project you will grow plants under different light conditions to determine the effect of light on plant growth. You may start your experiment by growing seeds or just use young plants. Material needed for your experiments may be found at home or obtained locally. You will need at least two to three weeks for your experiments.
Details of this project
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