What Factors Affect the Evaporation of Water?
Introduction: What do you do if you have a wet cloth and you want to dry it fast? Drying is basically evaporating all the water molecules attached to an object. Drying has many useful home and industrial applications. There are factories that dry fruits, vegetables, chemicals and more. Drying is one way of preserving some foods. This project will make you familiar with the science of drying and it's applications in life.
 Material and step by step instructions
Material needed for this project can be purchased or simply substituted with what you can find at your home. You will perform a variety of experiments related to drying and record the results in tables. Then do your analysis on the results and draw a conclusion.
Can you make a very attractive and educational display for your science fair showing that you really understood and learned about evaporation?
Details of this project
More details of this project are available in the members section of ScienceProject.com web site. Since research on this subject has a long history, you might also be able to find good books about it in your local library or find some information on the internet.