What is the Effect of Sugar or Salt in the Evaporation of Water?

It often happens that people want to dry up something or somewhere, or they want to prevent drying for some other reasons. If sugar, salt or other chemicals are able to affect the evaporation of water, we can use them to decrease or increase the evaporation of water as we need to. In this experiment we will only test salt and sugar, because they are easily available at home. However many other chemicals are available for industrial use and can be tested for their affect on the evaporation of water. 

 Material and instructions
In this project we want to see if adding sugar or salt to the water will affect its rate of evaporation. 
Details of this project
More details of this project are available in the members section of ScienceProject.com web site. Since research on this subject has a long history, you might also be able to find good books about it in your local library or find some information on the internet.