Test Apple Maturity

Farmers need to know when their apple is ready for harvest. They need to know it in advance so they can plan for hiring helpers, renting trucks and selling their products. In this project we will investigate a scientific method of doing that. 

Level of maturity also is used to determine if the apple is ready for immediate sale or if it can be stored for a while.

 Material and instructions:
One of the chemicals in fruits such as apples is starch. As apple grows toward maturity, starch will change into sugar. As the apple goes toward maturity, the amount of starch in it will reduce. You will use a starch test method to see if an apple is mature or not. Higher grade students must perform additional experiments to determine how the storage temperature affects the maturity of apples.
Details of this project:
More details or support on this project is available for the members of ScienceProject.com. Material needed for this project may be obtained locally or purchased online from science suppliers such as MiniScience.com.