Reaction of planaria to pH, light and temperature conditions

While studying about fresh water animals, I came across planaria, a small creature that demonstrates unique and unusual properties. Planarians are free-living, flat bodied, freshwater creatures that exhibit the remarkable ability to regenerate their lost body parts.  They live in lakes, streams, ponds, and other freshwater bodies.  They can be conditioned to respond to stimuli, display the ability to master a two-choice maze, and can transfer the memory of training from one individual to another.
To learn more about planarians, I have decided to study their life cycle and find out how they react to different environmental conditions such as light, pH and temperature.
 Project description:
In this project you will gather some planarians and perform a variety of experiments on them. You may make close observation of their living, eating and reproduction habits. You will also test the effects of light, temperature and pH on planarians.
 Details of this project
More details or support on this project is available for the members of Material needed for experiments may be obtained locally, purchased online or substituted with similar material.