Vitamin C

Which fruit contain the most vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant, helps protect against cancers, heart disease, stress, it is part of the cellular chemistry that provides energy, it is essential for sperm production, and for making the collagen protein involved in the building and health of cartilage, joints, skin, and blood vessels. Vitamin C helps in maintaining a healthy immune system, it aids in neutralizing pollutants, it is needed for antibody production, it acts to increase the absorption of nutrients (including iron) in the gut, and it thins the blood. Just to mention its most important functions. Vitamin C 
 Project description:
In this project you test different foods or fruits for their vitamin C content. Materials that you need for your experiments can be found locally or purchased online. You may complete your experiments in one day, however there are hundreds of other vitamin C related projects that you may choose to do and they take more than a few days. Among other vitamin C related questions that can be the subject of a Science Project are:
  1. How does the amount of vitamin C change when fruits get older?
  2. How does the storage temperature affect the amount of vitamin C in fruits?
  3. How does cooking affect the vitamin C in foods?
 Details of this project
More details or support for this project is available for the members of web site. Material needed for your experiments may be obtained locally or purchased online at