Compare fruits for their sugar content.

Which banana contains more sugar?
green, yellow or brown? 

Growers of bananas, harvest their produce when it is still green. This gives enough time for growers to store and distribute their product to the consumer market. As time passes, green bananas gradually turn yellow. That is the color that we usually see bananas in stores. Color change in a banana continues at home and it finally turns brown. During this change the taste of a banana also changes. 

Sugar contents of a fruit is usually one of the dietary concerns for consumers. You need to know how much sugar you are consuming each day, specially if you are under a restricted diet. 

 Project description:
In this project you will study bananas or any other fruit of your choice to determine its sugar contents. You may choose to study the sugar contents of any specific fruit at different stages and see if the sugar content changes by the age of the fruit. You may also choose to compare different species of a specific fruit. For example, you may compare the sugar content in different types of apples or different types of grapes.
 Details of this project:
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