Study of the relation between wind direction
and temperature inversions

Relation between temperature inversion and air pollution

The air is constantly moving. Convection currents and wind keep air circulating around the Earth. Polluted air moves away and it becomes replaced by fresh air. However in certain circumstances such as temperature inversions and faint wind, the air does not circulate and pollutants accumulate. Such accumulation of pollutants kills hundreds or thousands of people each year around the world.
On the week beginning December 5th 1952, four thousand Londoners died in the worst air-pollution disaster on record. 
 Project description:
In this project we will study and perform experiments to see how does wind direction cause temperature inversion. You may also perform experiments to see how does temperature inversion affect accumulation of pollutants or air pollution. You may do this title as a display project or as an experimental (investigatory) project.
 Details of this project:
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