A study of a shoreline

Every year millions of dollars of public and private funds is dedicated to the study of shorelines for different purposes. Shoreline studies may have many different reasons. Some may want to study the environmental factors such as pollution and erosion. They may also study the economic effects of such environmental factors. Others may do feasibility studies for the purpose of construction of roads, barriers, homes, bridges, ports or preparation of plans for services such as cleanup or even creation of a public beach. In general the study of a shoreline is the study of environmental factors for a specific purpose. In one specific study, engineers wanted to determine if there is adequate wind speed to economically justify development of a wind farm by the shore line.
 Project description:
In this project you will study a specific shoreline of a river, ocean or lake. Select a shoreline that its environmental conditions may have some economic effects on the area. 

Find out if the shoreline is suitable for urban development or construction of roads, ports, public facilities, etc. In each case discuss the environmental and economic effects. 

 Details of this project
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