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Biology Projects

Projects for Grades 4-6

EB001 Personal observations on life cycle
EB004 What attracts insects? light or heat?
EB011 plants and fertilizer
EB012 Minerals in foods (Compare foods or fruits for dissolved minerals)
EB021 How pet mice respond to different types of food (pellets, crushed, solid)
EB022 Taste Buds
EB031 Why do plants grow towards light?
EB032 The effects of gravity on seed germination
EB033 How water moves through the plant
EB034 How plants reproduce and factors that affect the process
EB035 Why do plants move?
EB036 How do plants get nitrogen
EB037 Does gravity affect plant growth?
EB041 The importance of earthworms to soil and plants
EB042 The effect of soil components and organic matter on growth of plants.
EB052 Plants and animal life in a creek or stream
EB056 Plants and animal life in a balanced aquarium

Projects for Grades 7-8

IB002 Photosynthesis - factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis temperature, light intensity, water, carbon dioxide - part of light spectrum used in photosynthesis
IB004 Family studies on inheritance
IB005 Genetic Studies - Connection between hair and eye color
IB011 Determine the effects of various nutrients on plant growth
IB012 Plant growth - How does the amounts of water affect plant growth?
IB013 Plant growth - How does the hours of sunlight affect plant growth?
IB014 Plant growth - How does the strength of weed killer affect the plant growth?
IB015 Plant growth - How does the temperature affect the plant growth?
IB016 Plant growth - How do pollutants affect the plant growth?
IB017 Plant growth - How does the PH level affect the plant growth?
IB018 Can plants live without carbon dioxide?
IB019 Can plants live without oxygen?
IB023 Roots - how do different types of soils affect the ability of roots to anchor plants -
IB025 What is the effect of acid rain on plant growth?
IB030 What conditions are favorable for: -fungus growth- E.G. yeast, mold, mildew diseases
IB031 What conditions are favorable for mushroom production?
IB033 What conditions are favorable for algae growth?
IB034 What conditions are favorable for bacteria growth or control?
IB035 Production of carbon dioxide (Biological method)
IB046 Field Studies - types of bacteria found around the home
IB047 Field Studies - types of bacteria found on the body
IB100 Circulatory System - Factors Affecting Blood Pressure
IB101 Circulatory System - Factors Affecting Heart Rate
IB102 Circulatory System - Factors Affecting the rate of breathing
IB103 Circulatory System - Is there any relation between the blood pressure and the rate of heartbeat.
IB201 Make a Model of Plant or Animal cell.
IB301 Calcium in bone

Projects for Grades 9-12

SB011 The effect of sound on plants
SB021 Plants in different environments (light intensity, color)
SB031 The effect of nicotine, air, yeast on mold growth
SB041 Factors affecting the strength of hair
SB042 Factors affecting the growth of bacteria
SB043 Factors affecting the growth of molds or yeast
SB051 Experiment with Hydroponics
SB071 The effectiveness of Antiseptics and soaps on household bacteria
SB091 Comparing types of artificial light on plant growth
SB101 Conditions necessary for the life of a brine shrimp
SB121 Producing mutations in bacteria
SB122 Producing mutations in yeast
SB131 Best conditions for mushroom production
SB141 The effects of ultrasonic on bacteria count
SB142 The effects of antibiotics on bacteria count
SB161 Reaction of planaria to pH, light and temperature conditions
SB162 Reaction of paramecia to pH, light and temperature conditions
SB171 Plant tropisms and growth hormones
SB181 Transpiration rates for different plants and conditions
SB191 Sugar level in plant sap at different times and dates
SB211 A study of territoriality in mice
SB221 A study of the cleaning habits of mice
SB251 Learning and perception in animals and humans
SB261 Studies of memory span and memory retention
SB271 Age versus learning ability
SB281 A study of the relation between physical exercise and learning ability
SB291 Is audio or visual information better remembered
SB292 Brain Hemispheres.
SB301 The effect of bleaching and dyeing on hair
SB311 A study of the percentage of DNA (by weight) in different species
SB321 Factors affecting the enzyme's reaction rates
SB341 Factors affecting seed germination (e.g. soil temperature, pH)
SB361 Factors affecting flowering
SB391 Factors affecting Nodule Formation in Legumes
SB401 Can household compounds (e.g. tea) be used to promote good health in plants
SB411 Effects of cigarette smoke on the growth of plants
SB421 The effects of water impurities on plant growth
SB431 The effects of phosphates on aquatic plants
SB451 The effect of excess salinity on plants
SB501 The effects of electromagnetic fields on plants
SB531 Does magnetizing seeds before planting affect growth
SB541 The effects of XRay and other radiation on plants
SB551 The effect of music of varying types and duration on plants
SB561 Organic fertilizer versus chemical Fertilizer
SB582 Toxicity of nicotine
SB601 A study of stimuli that attract mosquitoes
SB611 The factors affecting the rate at which a cricket chirps
SB631 A study of diffusion through cell membranes
SB641 Growing plants and animals by cloning
SB651 Regeneration in sponges, Paramecia, Planaria, etc.
SB701 Salivary Amylase and Starch Digestion
SB702 Study and Experiment with Milk
SB703 Do green plants need light to produce starch?
SB704 Comparison of the Effects of Inorganic Catalysts and Enzymes on Peroxide Decomposition
SB707 Heat Content of Snack Foods
SB708 Solubility and the Percent of Oil in Peanuts
SB801 Homeopathy principles, facts and fictions


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