Who are the members?

It is very important for every scientific and educational organization to know who are the members? What type of people become a member of ScienceProject.com and other educational institutions?

Knowing the members will help us to fine tune our services and fulfill the needs of our valuable members.

So who are the members?

Smart, talented, honor students?

Average students?

Or slower students who keeping up for them is a daily challenge?

Are they from high-income or low-income families?

We did a research and the answer surprised us!

None of the above categories can be used to identify ScienceProject.com members!

What we found out is that ScienceProject.com members are those who care.

Members value any additional information and support and surprisingly becoming a member is not their only investment. They also invest their time to do more research and their money to buy books and other research tools and equipment.

Members care about their own future and the future of the world.

Some members pay their membership dues easily and some others do chores around the house or work outside to pay for their membership.

Although all members are valuable to us, we certainly admire and appreciate those who get a summer job, mow the lawn, plow the snow or wash the car to save money for their science project or scientific research.